Types of Pocket Watches Explained 

Broadly speaking, pocket watches can be said to be of mainly one design. However, there are some different aesthetic aspects that greatly affect how a pocket watch is displayed and used. Not only can these aspects determine a watch’s value and age but also how attractive the watch is.

Most people classify pocket watches by the kind of face display they have. On this regard, there are mainly 5 types of faces which are half-hunter, open-face, double-hunter, full-hunter and half-double hunter. We explain these below:

Open Face Pocket Watch

This type of watch is really as the name suggests. It design features no cover and you can read it without having to remove any obstructions. These types of watches are pretty common these days. However, they were not popular at all back in the 18th and 19th centuries since the porcelain faces used in them were prone to damage and required additional cover protection. It is for this reason that the full hunter was developed. It is a pocket watch featuring a cover that opens and closes on a hinge.

Full Hunter Pocket Watch

This type of pocket watch often featured ornately engraved outer casing complete with a picture or initials displayed on the inside. The problem was that time-keeping wasn’t that easy as the owner needed to open the cover each time they wanted to check the time. This problem is what led to the invention of the half hunter.

Half Hunter Pocket Watch

This watch featured a cover which included a hole or a crystal that enabled owners to see hands of the clock without opening it. This made reading the time a lot easier compared to the full hunter case.

Double Hunter Pocket Watch

This watch possesses many features as the Full Hunter. The frontal side of the pocket features a protective lid cover. However, it differs from a double hunter case in that it has a lid opening on the back side of the pocket watch. This allows for easy viewing the mechanical movements of pocket watch. Also, it makes the pocket watch much easier to stand on its own so that an owner can easily read the time. On the double hunter pocket watch, the digits “12” are placed just beneath the stem of the watch. This way, the time faces the proper way when the watch sits on its own.

Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch

The watch is a mixture of the half hunter and the double hunter pocket watches. It sports most features of double hunter watches. This includes the fact that it has a back and front hinged lid that opens fully. However, one crucial difference is that this watch comes with a window on the front of pocket watch.

This enables an owner to view the pocket watch’s dial even as they have a covering to prevent the damage of the dial. These pocket watch also gives a user the option of owning a pocket watch which has a viewable mechanical movement which gives the watch a nice antique feel.

There are lots of different pocket watch designs for all the above watches. Whether you want pocket watches with brushed and polished covers, gold, silver, viewable mechanical movements, gold-plated, silver plated or anything, it’s difficult not to get what you want exactly here.

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